Theme for 2021: patience.

My theme for 2021 is patience.

Rather than set specific goals, I prefer to set an intention for the year. A theme that can be present in many places and can be used as a point to stop and ask yourself if your actions are aligned with your greater intentions. Here are some of my mantras for this year.

Slow down.

Pause to reflect.

Stop counting: Time. To do lists. Days. Enjoy the moment and do what feels right at that time.

Leave behind the need to control things that cannot be controlled.

Set daily habits rather than goals. Rather than reach a specific goal, build long term methods for permanent change.

Meditate. No rushing. No watch checking.

Have patience for mistakes. It takes time to build permanent changes. Embrace the mistakes that come along the path of growth and learning. Things that feel easy are not where growth happens.

Stop multi-tasking. Learn to focus. Embrace patience by working on only one thing at a time. Grow the ability to focus deeply.

Accept all parts of myself exactly as I am.

Learn to program slowly and intentionally. Understand before moving on. Stop brute forcing solutions. Read the fucking manual.

Accept days as good enough. Not all to-dos need to be checked for a day to be successful. Prioritize appropriately and celebrate all accomplishments.

Feelings will come and go. Welcome them when they arrive. Take the time to fully feel them. Let them go naturally. Feelings can be present without needing requiring action.

Anxiety will always be present. Accept this. Work with it and learn how to cope rather than working to pretend the feelings aren’t there or think that it will be something that goes away.

Stop doing. Just be.